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Re: Thoughts on Kenwood TS-2000?

At 11:02 2/20/01 -0600, Bruce Bostwick wrote:
>At 07:26 AM 2/20/01 -0900, you wrote:
> >If I recall FCC regs correctly, repeaters must be under some kind of
> >control: either direct or remote.  Remote control is to be >220 MHz.  The
> >issue seems to be if the 2m audio is considered control traffic.  I leave
> >it to the "repeater lawyers" to clarify ;-)
> >
> >Re:  Using your "70cm-2m-6m-HF" rig remotely, why not transvert the 2m
> >audio to 1.2G?  You were going to get the 1.2G xvtr for satellite
> >anyway...problem solved!  Oh, I guess you need a 70cm-23cm dual bander for
> >control, but there are a few made now [usually as tri-band rigs].
> >
> >Now why Icom, Yaesu, and Kenwood all ignore the 222 MHz band in their new
> >dc-->light rigs???  Could it be that the commercial divisions of those
> >companies don't want to see any occupation of those frequencies by
> >hams...could they have their eyes on them?  Hmm!
> >
> >Ed

Likely because 220M is only a 'band' in the US, and a lightly used one at that,
especially since the UPS (or was it FEDEX) fiasco. This severely limits the 
of 220 as a selling point and makes it impossible to get a radio including 
220 (built in)
type accepted, for sale, in most other countries.

John - K9IJ

Webmaster, Network Admin, Janitor

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