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Re: UO-14 on Field Day

Bob Bruninga wrote:

> I found it entertaining and a good demonstration of how satellites work.

Or how they don't...which is what you say later in your post :-) 

> As HAMS we have to understand HOW to communicate... At the scene of a
> disaster with 1000 people trying to use a CELL phone...

If we've descended to the point where *that* is an apt analogy then UO-14 has
really earned it's nickname: "Channel 14". 

It certainly seems we have--listen to the first pass of UO-14 every evening,
from stations calling "QRZ Satellite?" to the perennial pinhead somewhere in the
southeast US who puts up ten minutes of concentrated dead carrier on every pass. 

AO-27 is usually not quite that bad, but then I guess figuring out TEPR has
managed to discourage some of the more severe knuckle-draggers. Welcome to the
keydown, good buddy. Mount a revved-up linear in the back of your monster truck
and "go worldwide"!  

Is *that* educational? Only if we carefully label it "Don't do this."  

> You get what you get, and there is no way on earth that 1000 people are
> going to make FD contacts on an FM bird in a 10 minute pass.  Complaining,
> trying to make rules, trying to change human nature and other people's way
> of operating on one day a year is a useless waste of energy.

Why try to *change* human nature? Leverage it. What you reward, you will get
more of. Contacts on the linear birds should definately receive more points. 
And the more people drawn by the additonal points to developing the operating
techniques for using the linear birds, the more of a skill pool we will have out

That's why there's a regular FD bonus for satellite contacts. That's why there's
a bonus for sending a packetgram to your SM. That's why we also encourage solar
power, QRP and public demonstrations. If we make being channelmaster on UO-14
profitable, by golly, we'll get that too.  

I think the rules should at least be changed so as not to *encourage* making an
already ridiculously bad FM LEO situation even worse. 1000 people are obviously
not going to make QSOs in a single pass. But should 50% of the QSO particpants
in one pass be the same station? Should we *reward* that behavior with contest
points? I say "no". While a rules change won't solve the structrual problems, we
can at least create a disincentive to brute-forcing your way to the top of the
FM LEO pile. 

And while we're at it, let's have an HF contest: 100 points for every AM contact
made between stations within 20 miles of Washington DC on exactly 7.225 MHz
between 0000-0015z on a Saturday evening this summer. :-)    

> I think FD contest for AMSAT is a great idea.  And the way to use UO-14
> and AO-27 at FD is to prmomote it as a demonstration of "how not to
> communicate...."

That much is sadly true. 

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