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Re: UO-14 on Field Day

Someone said:
> I personally think the idea of a "satellite Contest" during Field Day
> was using extremely poor judgment....   Contests will always bring out
> the amps and large high-gain yagis...  You can see from some of the past
> posters on this list, the effect it had on some FD groups trying for
> bonus points was devastating.....   Anyway, how about the rest of you? 

I found it entertaining and a good demonstration of how satellites work.
It should not have been devistating to anyone who understands the
geopmetry of a satellite pass...

As HAMS we have to understand HOW to communicate... At the scene of a
disaster with 1000 people trying to use a CELL phone, the guy who then
spends all his time trying to get his call out and then spends even more
time yelling and fuming about how everyone else should get off the air so
he can use his phone ain't gonna change anything.  He should spend his
energy figuring out "another way" to communicate.

I think encouraging FD use of the birds is a great idea.  But anyone who
understands satellites knows that it is a waste of time to try to use an
FM bird, unless you just like frustration or fighting...

You get what you get, and there is no way on earth that 1000 people are
going to make FD contacts on an FM bird in a 10 minute pass.  Complaining,
trying to make rules, trying to change human nature and other people's way
of operating on one day a year is a useless waste of energy.  You can
spend a year of such effort, but it will gain nothing.  There is just no
way that a single FM channel available for 10 minutes can satisfy everyone
on the single day a year when EVERYONE is trying...

There are DOZENS of amateur satellites up there.  Plenty of bandwidth. if
you wanna make FD points, then don't try to fight the Goliaths, but be a
David and use your intelligence to figure it out...

I think FD contest for AMSAT is a great idea.  And the way to use UO-14
and AO-27 at FD is to prmomote it as a demonstration of "how not to

Nothing wrong with it.  Use it as a demonstration lesson, and then make
your contact points on another satellite.  ALso, DONT COMPLAIN about the
process on the FM birds.  It is NO ONE'S FAULT.  It is just a physical
impossibility.  Impress that on your onlookers and then teach them how to
work the other birds...

Just my thoughts....
de WB4APR, Bob

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