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RE: 144 MHz TX inhibit on FT-847

Mike, N1JEZ wrote:

	As I recall, VHF Amp is for powering a mast mount preamp via coax. Try 
	switching menu #29. I think you'll see that line power up in RX.

	VHF T8 is a good way to go to disable TX on 2M. There is a similar system in the FT-736R.

Wayne, W9AE replies:

Thanks for the information.  I forgot about the FT-847's capability to apply 12V to the coax cable because I use DC-blocking coaxial lightning suppressors.  I run separate wires to power preamps and coaxial relays.  Those wires are all connected to rotor surge suppressors (40 Volt MOV's to ground).

Wayne Estes W9AE

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