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Re: Thoughts on Kenwood TS-2000?

If I recall FCC regs correctly, repeaters must be under some kind of
control: either direct or remote.  Remote control is to be >220 MHz.  The
issue seems to be if the 2m audio is considered control traffic.  I leave
it to the "repeater lawyers" to clarify ;-)

Re:  Using your "70cm-2m-6m-HF" rig remotely, why not transvert the 2m
audio to 1.2G?  You were going to get the 1.2G xvtr for satellite
anyway...problem solved!  Oh, I guess you need a 70cm-23cm dual bander for
control, but there are a few made now [usually as tri-band rigs].

Now why Icom, Yaesu, and Kenwood all ignore the 222 MHz band in their new
dc-->light rigs???  Could it be that the commercial divisions of those
companies don't want to see any occupation of those frequencies by
hams...could they have their eyes on them?  Hmm!


>From: Mike Murphree <n4cnw@knology.net>
>On Tuesday 20 February 2001 12:40 am, you wrote:
>> It still transmits the HF audio on 2M, which still makes it illegal.
>> John - K9IJ
>Why?  I know of a number of linked repeater systems that re-transmit
>10m traffic on 2m?
>Mike N4CNW

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