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Re: Thoughts on Kenwood TS-2000?

on 2/20/01 6:31 AM, Mike Murphree at n4cnw@knology.net wrote:

> On Tuesday 20 February 2001 12:40 am, you wrote:
>> It still transmits the HF audio on 2M, which still makes it illegal.
>> John - K9IJ
> Why?  I know of a number of linked repeater systems that re-transmit
> 10m traffic on 2m?

That is considered different.  The repeater is a station transmitting to
other stations.  It is not part of a control link.

There was a big flap over all this a couple of months ago.  The ARRL refused
to allow Kenwood to advertise Sky Command II in the magazine citing that
they believed it violated FCC rules.

Kenwood then went to the FCC asking for clarification or a blanket waiver of
the control link rules for their product.  The FCC clarified the whole thing
by agreeing with the ARRL and denied the waiver.

Even though just audio from the base is transmitted on 2 meters, it is still
considered a control link because of the overall purpose of the product.  It
is providing the return basically for the control commands send out on 440

Do I agree with this?  No.  I think that it is NOT a control link, but the
FCC didn't agree.

So I don't believe that the Sky Command product is sold anymore by Kenwood.

Now perhaps they have made more changes somehow since late last year to get
around the restrictions.  I doubt it though.  The Sky Command I have always
known sent the codes out on 440 and the audio back on 2m.



Jon Ogden
NA9D (ex: KE9NA)



"A life lived in fear is a life half lived."

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