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Re: Thoughts on Kenwood TS-2000?

At 22:54 2/19/01 -0600, Jon Ogden wrote:
>on 2/19/01 9:50 PM, K5OE@aol.com at K5OE@aol.com wrote:
> >>> This is a new system (SC II) that uses 70 MHz for control.  The FCC
> >> approved
> >>> it.  Just think, you could operate RS-12/13 with a dual-band HT, miles
> >> from
> >>> home.
> >>
> >> I didn't realize 70 MHz was a ham band........
> >
> > OOPS... sorry, 70 cm.
> > 73,
> > Jerry, K5OE
>OK.  So it uses 70cm as one band, what does it use for the second band?  The
>problem with the original Sky Command was that while all the commanding was
>done on 70cm, the base radio would send audio back to the remote.  The ARRL
>saw this as a control link and so did the FCC when Kenwood petitioned them.
>What is the second band now for the link back to the handheld/mobile?

It still transmits the HF audio on 2M, which still makes it illegal.

John - K9IJ

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