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Re: Thoughts on Kenwood TS-2000?

Hi Jon,
A few corrections....

na9d@mindspring.com writes:

>  What do you get more than an FT-847?
>  * APRS capabilities.  Don't need those either as I have an APRS station
>  already

Does not have APRS built-in.
>  * Automatic monitoring of packet clusters and using that data to auto tune
>  the radio.  Not a bad idea.  Kind of slick, but maybe I don't want to work
>  THAT DX station.

It works both in ANNOUNCE (displays the DX callsign on the screen and/or 
sends it in CW--just like the mode changes) or AUTO to take you to the 
>  * Sky Command capable.  Worthless since the FCC basically outlawed
>  SkyCommand's use.

This is a new system (SC II) that uses 70 MHz for control.  The FCC approved 
it.  Just think, you could operate RS-12/13 with a dual-band HT, miles from 

>  * Transverter Frequency display - Nice feature but not all that usefull if
>  you can just do simple math in your head.  Having full transverter ports
>  would have been more useful.

Agree.  Seen a new radio with those lately?
>  To me, as the owner of an FT-847 and an FT-1000D, I found the TS-2000 to be
>  not worth the money.  I had thought about selling the 847 and getting the
>  2000 for a while until I thought about it.  I have no idea about the
>  comparison of the two rigs at HF.  That could make the TS-2000 a far better
>  rig.  But since I don't use the 847 much on HF, I likely wouldn't use the
>  2000 much for it either.

You might also want to add to the cost of the FT-847 the price of:
- automatic antenna tuner for HF and 6 m 
- external contest memory keyer (CW and phone) 
- HF/6m SWR meter
- crystal filters 
- TNC 
- external VOX unit
- proprietary PC interface cable/adapter

Jerry, K5OE
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