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Re: Thoughts on Kenwood TS-2000?

on 2/19/01 1:46 PM, Mike Murphree at n4cnw@knology.net wrote:

> Was sitting here pondering the benefits of the Kenwood TS-2000
> staring at me from the back cover of this month's QST.
> Anyone have any comments on this radio relative (or otherwise)
> to the radios I have (FT-847,TS-690S, DSP599zx).
> The transverter interface and IF DSP look awfully tempting...

The question is, "What do you currently have?"

If you have an FT-847, you could sell the FT-847 for about $1100 to $1200.
Then take another $1200 and purchase the TS-2000.

What do you get more than an FT-847?

* 1.2 GHz capability.  Well, it's an add on.  And the 1.2 GHz is in the
shack.  Coax is lossy at 1.2 GHz.  So you'll need a mast mounted amp and
preamp anyhow.  With the 847, you just put an entire 1.2 GHz converter at
the mast.

* Another FM radio with Packet TNC as a sub-band: - Oh boy.  Just what I
need.  Another FM radio and TNC.

* IF DSP - That is nice.  It appears that they have put the DSP inside the
AGC loop on the main RX.  This could be really good.

* APRS capabilities.  Don't need those either as I have an APRS station

* Automatic monitoring of packet clusters and using that data to auto tune
the radio.  Not a bad idea.  Kind of slick, but maybe I don't want to work
THAT DX station.

* Sky Command capable.  Worthless since the FCC basically outlawed
SkyCommand's use.

* Higher Power Output on 2m and 432 than the 847.  This IS a nice feature
and useful.

* Transverter Frequency display - Nice feature but not all that usefull if
you can just do simple math in your head.  Having full transverter ports
would have been more useful.

To me, as the owner of an FT-847 and an FT-1000D, I found the TS-2000 to be
not worth the money.  I had thought about selling the 847 and getting the
2000 for a while until I thought about it.  I have no idea about the
comparison of the two rigs at HF.  That could make the TS-2000 a far better
rig.  But since I don't use the 847 much on HF, I likely wouldn't use the
2000 much for it either.

I know my remarks are a little sarcastic at times, but these were the
thoughts I had with thinking about the radio.  Don't get me wrong, the
features are great and it is cool to have the built in TNC and so forth
(although I feel that the Kenwood TNC is awful at decoding data compared to
my Kantronics models).

If you have a lousy HF rig and no VHF/UHF/Satellite rig to speak of, the
TS-2000 is well worth the money.  However, if you already have a good
station, I wouldn't spend an extra $1000 on it.  I'd rather put that money
into a good 1.2 GHz transverter and 220 MHz transverter.



Jon Ogden
NA9D (ex: KE9NA)



"A life lived in fear is a life half lived."

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