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Re: Trees and S-band signals

On Mon, 19 Feb 2001, Edward R. Cole wrote:

> Chris, Mark,
> Pretty much echo Chris' remarks.  
> I was a TV-satellite dealer in the mid 1980's-early 90's and have lots of
> c-band experience with tree blockage.  Up here in Alaska the sats are
> pretty weak and require a 10 foot dish at minimum for a clear picture.

Ed and the group.  
We might as well use some of these signals that are invading our 2400 MHz
band.  Ed, you might consider publishing some of the signals and the
satellite frequencies that they use on here.  I have been using the
microwave oven frequency of 2550 as a spotter.  There is a bunch of TV
garbage frequencies above 2500 for which the Drake converter were
designed, but more importantly, there are some satellite frequencies that
hams can use as signal sources.  You might consider a listing of these
such as TDRSS so that we might check out our systems.  Cliff K7RR

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