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Re: PCR-1000 feedback

>I originally bought the PCR-1000 to work the downlink for the 38k4 satellites
>and have used it successfully to receive the 38k4 satellites.
>There are no mods to get the PCR-1000 working with 38k4 satellites.  You 
>need to
>set it up in Narrow FM mode using the 50Khz filter and use the discriminator
>output - the socket labeled "PACKET (9600bps)".

Excellent.  Thanks for the report, John.  Alan NE1H reports the same.

>Several people have tried setting it up in Wide FM mode,  but the signal 
>takes a
>different path and I don't think anyone has worked out the tap to take the 
>output,  but that may be interesting if we ever get anything running at > 

I found this on the net today at http://qsy.to/pcr/snippets.html
Wideband Discriminator Output
This may be old news for some people, but what the heck. I was flipping 
through the PCR-1000 service manual, and noticed that the wideband FM 
discriminator output is available on the DSP connector. I haven't modified 
mine yet (other priority projects in the queue!), but I think I'm going to 
add a 3.5mm stereo jack somewhere in the housing, and put the NBFM 
discriminator output on one channel and the WFM discriminator output on the 
other. Since mine is connected to a soundcard, this would allow selecting 
whichever discriminator you like as input into programs such as ACARS, 
satellite demodulators, etc. My main reason for all this is to hook up my 
SCA decoder. The signal is available on pin 11 of J12, which is one of the 
connectors where the optional DSP unit connects to. This is straight off 
the detector chip (TA31136), so you might want to consider running it 
through an op-amp circuit with some settable gain, and make sure the input 
impedance is something the chip will be happy with. I haven't looked up the 
part yet, but when I get around to this, I'll post a schematic on my 
website. -- Chris, jcwren@jcwren.comon the PCR Mailing List. Thanks Chris!

Looks like a great extra all mode radio solution....


Mark L. Hammond  [N8MH]

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