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Re: PCR-1000 feedback

Hi Mark,

>4) it can be used to receive the 38k4 birds (Tiungsat, UO-36, etc.); it is 
>not clear if this requires a mod or not (maybe Alan NE1H can comment)?  Or 
>it it will go beyond 38k4?
>	Seems to me that suggests an S-band downconverter in front of this unit 
>gets a user at 	least 38k4 digital (receive) quite inexpensively!

I originally bought the PCR-1000 to work the downlink for the 38k4 satellites 
and have used it successfully to receive the 38k4 satellites.

There are no mods to get the PCR-1000 working with 38k4 satellites.  You need to 
set it up in Narrow FM mode using the 50Khz filter and use the discriminator 
output - the socket labeled "PACKET (9600bps)".

Several people have tried setting it up in Wide FM mode,  but the signal takes a 
different path and I don't think anyone has worked out the tap to take the data 
output,  but that may be interesting if we ever get anything running at > 38k4.

Surrey recommended a 60KHz wide filter in their specs for a station receiving 
the 38k4 downlinks,  but that was assuming that there was no doppler tracking.  
The 50Khz filter works fine provided that the doppler is tracked.

Also the radio also works well with the 9k6 and 1k2 birds and the LEO Weather 
Satellites (which is why the 50KHz filter option is there).


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