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PCR-1000 feedback

Many thanks to the folks who reported on the Icom PCR-1000.  I have decided 
to get one based on the following info about the unit:

1) it can't transmit :-)

2) wide band, all mode (0.5-1.3GHz) with pretty good specs

3) support for Doppler correction currently exists in WispDDE, and 
hopefully will be added to The Station Program 2.0 (thanks for considering, 
Paul VP9MU :)

4) it can be used to receive the 38k4 birds (Tiungsat, UO-36, etc.); it is 
not clear if this requires a mod or not (maybe Alan NE1H can comment)?  Or 
it it will go beyond 38k4?

	Seems to me that suggests an S-band downconverter in front of this unit 
gets a user at 	least 38k4 digital (receive) quite inexpensively!

5) current price after $50 coupon (good until 3/31/01) is ranging from $339 
(Texas Towers) to $349 (most other places)

Mine should be here by the end of the week.  I'll try and summarize my 
impressions after I get some hours of use/passes on it.


Mark L. Hammond  [N8MH]

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