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Re: Re: Drake 2880 modiication results

>From: Bill Howell <bhowell@mail.utexas.edu>
>I did a Web search on your MGA-86563 PHEMT,  and came up with an 
>interesting page (SETI).


Small world isn't it.  My 1420/144 DEM SETI Rx convertor uses the 86576
version which is a 70-mil round ceramic Micro-X surface mount package
referenced in the article, above.  Tested out at 1.88 dBNF with 36.7 dB
gain at Central States VHF Conference last summer.  The convertor uses the
86576 as 1st preamp stage, 80386 2nd stage, LRMFS-4 mixer, and MAV-11 IF

With a .30 dBNF preamp with 31.08 db gain in front of the
convertor...Yikes!...Gobs of gain.  NF ain't bad, either.

SETI-League vol. coord. for Alaska
SETI Argus station BP40IQ 


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