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Re: PCR-1000

> It really doesn't matter much what the IF receiver sensitivity is...within
> reason.  The Drake LNB IF amplifier certainly will put out at least a 1 uv
> signal, and more likely in the tens of uvolts!

As a fellow owner of a PCR-1000 and a soon to be owner of Drake I also have
some interest
in this discussion.  Your point is valid about the sensitivity, so this
discussion is almost moot.
However, I have found an excellent web page describing the PCR-1000's
(field) measured specs:


>From that web page:

Sensitivity at 50MHz, using 15kHz filter: 0.12uV (-126dBm)
  I tested the narrowband FM sensitivity using an HP8640B signal generator,
coupled directly into the antenna jack. The test signal was a 1kHz sine FM
modulated with a deviation of 5kHz, and an RF of 50MHz. The Icom's AGC was
enabled, ATTenuator off. For S /N=10dB measured at speaker terminal, the
required RF was 0.12uV rms.

Audio response (-6dB) is limited to approx. 250Hz to 2kHz (using 6, 15, or
50kHz IF filter)

Although those figures are not for the SSB demod I imagine some parity would
The lack of a good preselector severely limits the ability of the radio to
be hooked up to
any kind of a high gain antenna. However, since we are hooking it up to a
and theoretically looking at only one strong signal so I imagine the
pcr-1000 should work fine,
although I have yet to test it.

Dave Schick, W9OFA

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