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Re: Re: was UO-14 on Field Day now Field Day

Tim Cunningham wrote:

>>> In the world of business we do not change the rules simply because
>>> one cannot compete. 
>> Um...funny, I didn't think this was business.
> Just shows how some get hung up on words instead of content
> I am not sure I understand your contribution to the discussion.

Well, it's the words that make up the content, you see.

My point was that this is *not* business, it's a hobby, and changing the 
rules is definately in order, if we don't like how things are going, 
instead of invoking Social Darwininsm.

Just based on the amount of fallout and friction coming out of the FD 
satops, it sounds to me like the rules need changing, to encourage some 
changed behaviors, instead of having an instant election of an NCS on 
every pass based on EIRP.

It will be interesting to see what rules changes may be forthcoming. 
That would be an example of "1. Learn from your mistakes" (with just a 
dash of "3. Focus on your end goal"). The rules are a strategy, too.

  73 de Maggie K3XS

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