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re- Trees and S-band signals

Try this link http://www.tapr.org/tapr/html/ve3jf.dcc97/ve3jf.dcc97.html and
earch for "Attenuation from Trees and Forests" - it's a pretty big page for
digital experimenters.

In short, it gives the following estimate : "...0.3 dB/m at 2 GHz and 0.4
dB/m at 3 GHz" i.e. 0.3 dB at 2GHz per metre of foliage to penetrate.  This
link (to pdf) gives attenuation figures for particular trees and roughly
agrees with the above

I have a couple of 60-80' pine trees to worry about.

regards ... David

Mark Hammond wrote:

I've been curious about the effect of trees, branches, and leaves on 
S-band.  I have MANY trees all around my house, and it's never a clear shot 
(okay, maybe a little one) to a bird.

For 2M and 70cm, I know it hurts the signals, but it's workable.  For my 
Dishnetwork setup, it can't tolerate anything in the way.

Can anybody comment about working S-band through the trees?

Mark L. Hammond  [N8MH]
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