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Re: PCR-1000

Yes, please let us know how it performs next pass.

Has anyone seen the specs around 122 MHz?  They have a huge gap in the 
quoted specs...although it seems to have coverage from about 0.5-1300 MHz 
(minus cellular in the US...)

It might be really slick to use with the stock crystal in the Drake 2800.



At 10:23 AM 2/18/2001, Robert Jewell wrote:
>I have a PCR 1000, but I have not used it yet with my downconverter.  I had
>the same idea, to not fry my downconverter.  It also has some buttons and
>whistles to play with.
>The advertised specs on the various receivers (@ 144 mhz) are:
>PCR-1000 = 0.2uv
>FT-847      = 0.125 uv
>IC-821H    = 0.11 uv
>R-7000      = 0.3uv
>R-7100      = 0.2uv
>R-8500      = 0.32uv
>IC-910H    = 0.11uv
>(less is better)
>It shows that the PCR-1000 is right in there with wideband receivers.
>I'll try it the next pass to see what it looks like.

Mark L. Hammond  [N8MH]

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