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Re: 2..4ghz dishes

FWIW, I set up one of the 24 dBi dishes (belongs to KK5DO) on a tripod and 
listened to the telemetry downlink on AO-40.  Using a compass and the S-meter 
on my rig, I estimate the "real world" 1/2 power beamwidth to be less than 8 
degrees--I would lose 2 complete S-units of signal at 5 +/- degrees (from S7+ 
to S5).  At +/- 10 degrees, the signal was about half that of the 16-turn 
helix (S3 compared to S5 with the helix).  
Jerry, K5OE

w7lrd@juno.com writes:

> To me it sounds like these "meyers" type bbq grill dishes are a more
>  effective way to go as opposed to a helix.  Is it correct that the 3db
>  points are at 8 degrees?  I use U100 type az/el rotors and I get about 6
>  degrees per click.  So my pointing accuracy would be rather critical. 
>  Anyone have any familiarity with this situation, I will be using a drake
>  converter (thanks Mark).
>  73...Bob...W7LRD
>  Renton, Wa.
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