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Re: Re: was $12,500. TO BURN now UO-14 on Field Day

On Saturday, 17 February 2001, KA1KAT wrote:

> BTW...during Field Day only the first contact through an individual Sat 
> should count...the rest should be minus points from your original score...

Please tell that to AMSAT Roger.

I personally think the idea of a "satellite Contest" during Field Day
was using extremely poor judgment.  Those of you who have influence
with the AMSAT hierarchy, please ask them to re-think this for next

IMHO it caused much QRM from those competing who were on the air for 
the full pass.  Don't misunderstand, I'm not against competitions or
contesting having just competed in 2 Sweepstakes back in November.
I'm just saying there were guys out there with an Arrow and HT trying
to put one Q in the log for their Club or group (to get the bonus
points) that couldn't because of the AMSAT contest atmosphere which
brought out all the alligators.

I don't think AMSAT's Field Day Competition 2000 was in the spirit
of FD (where you simulate an emergency using minimal equipment and
power in the field).  Contests will always bring out the amps and large
high-gain yagis (hardly what would be used in a real emergency).

I also think it's notable in mentioning that after FD, I didn't see
one person (on this list or elsewhere) chastising AMSAT for the
havoc and chaos they created with a satellite contest that coincided
with FD and satellite bonus points.  <<I'm I in a category my myself
here??>>  :-)

A satellite contest might be fun ... but during FD weekend?  NOT!!!!

I'm an AMSAT member and supporter and just recently renewed (again).
However, that doesn't mean I can't voice an opposing opinion with regard
to some of their decision making.  I feel their contest was a terrible
idea.  You can see from some of the past posters on this list, the
effect it had on some FD groups trying for bonus points was

Anyway, how about the rest of you?  I'd be interesting in hearing your
comments concerning the contest.  Good idea?  Did you or your club have
any problems getting the satellite bonus points in June?  Did you in 
your area hear passes being totally dominated by contesters?  Let's
hear some opposing opinions from those of you who disagree with me and

Good spirited discussion welcomed - flames will be deleted.

73 //Gary *K8KFJ*
AMSAT #32574

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