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Re: Preamp bypass circuit

Hello K5OE@aol.com!

16 Feb 01 13:43, you wrote to All:

 KO> On the MOX discussion... I also find it of dubious value on a rig with
 KO> VOX.  My several Yaesu HF rigs all had both functions and it you made
 KO> the mistake of pushing the MOX button while the rig was turned off, it
 KO> would never power up.  I spent an hour one day thinking the rig was
 KO> dead (just took it brand new out of the box), when a call to the
 KO> factory took 30 seconds for them to suggest what was wrong.  Why
 KO> didn't they warn you in the manual??? 73, Jerry, K5OE

Strangely enough, I do use the MOX button on my HF rig from time to time.  Uses

Crossband operation, where I want to have a hand free (and don't want relays
chattering in time with the VOX :) ).

Testing/tuning up  (that includes tuning up the transverter hanging off the
back of the rig!).

Special configurations - I have a couple of experimental setups here, and use
the MOX to test, or act as a manual override when the VOX drops out - typically
used for internet repeater linking here.

A couple of things missing from modern rigs are the transverter output(s),
where a low level signal is made available (transverter mode is also a handy Tx
inhibit!), and the ability to separate the Tx and Rx paths (my IC-745 has both

Tony, VK3JED

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