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More Drake 2880 Downconverters

Hi Everyone,

Just wanted everyone to know that I have a few more Drakes and related
items for sale on my site. 

14 - Original Drake 2880 Downconverters
35 - Millicom MC-251r (modified Drake 2880's)
50 - Inline Power Inserters
10 - Conifer Downconverters

I'm also waiting for some Conifer 26T-2400 antennas. They should be
available next week sometime. And I'm planning to make a bulk order of
8.8125mhz crystals from ICM so there's a page to check that out. 

---- "How'd he find more?" ----

I got a message a week before last from Katayama in Japan. He'd found 2
cartons of Drakes & 2 cartons of Millicom's being used as a TV stand in
his shop. He offered them to me and I sent him another international
wire. (which took 5 days to get there) He's currently shopping for a new
TV stand.  

This week has been full of thrills too. The order arrived in Anchorage,
AK on Wednesday but got held-up by Customs. They wanted Importer ID
numbers, FCC Authorizations, Duties, Values etc. After about 25 or 30
faxes, loads of emails and another load of telephone calls, they finally
got released last night. It was getting a little frustrating to say the

As I write this, my order is in FedEx's Memphis Sort Facility waiting to
be delivered on Monday. 

---- the short version ----

Anyway, go ahead and make your orders. Once they're gone, they're gone.
If you've already bought a Drake from me, please let others have a
chance to buy one. If previous buyers would like a Millicom unit, feel
free to order one since I'm not limiting those.

I'll be at my desk most of the day so email me if you have questions.


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