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Re: Preamp bypass circuit

On Wed, Feb 14, 2001 at 12:15:22PM -0700, Duffin, Jon wrote:
> My rig is a FT847, and so I though another idea would be to switch the
> preamp out of the transmit path by using the 847's PTT accessory jack.  But,

The PTT jacks on the back of the FT-847 are NOT outputs and the manually
explicitly warns against using them that way (if I recall correctly).
There IS a mini-DIN connector with a transmit/receive signal for each
antenna socket though, which would suite you just fine.

Regarding modifying the radio to re-route the PTT -- I would just
put a circuit in line with the microphone connection, and plug your
mic into that, instead of modifying the radio. Sounds like overkill.

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