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EN48 to be on UO-14 around 16:23 Feb 17, 2001 UTC

Speaking of 1kw amps on UO-14, lets give VE3FAL a chance on the
Saturday Feb 17,  16:23 pass.   He will be cross country skiing with
his HT and is going to give UO-14 a try.  I have worked him at
home, EN58, when he was using just his HT.

This is a vary rare grid for us out west and I would expect for all of the 
is one of the two grids I have left on my quest to work all of the 491 
grids in the
48 continental states.  I have not found any US hams or even US cities in this
grid. If you are wondering the other grid I have left is EN67 which does have a
couple of amateur radio operators and cities in it.

Thanks for you help tomorrow and I hope those of us collecting grids can
work this one.

73,  Randy  N7SFI

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