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Definition of Irony

P3D was launched in November along with the Space Technology Research
Vehicle 1D.

I was reading a story today about that satellite that said:


NASA experiments on a small British satellite are studying the effects of
radiation on the various systems that make up each experiment. To yield this
information, engineers are actually hoping for the components to fail.

The Space Technology Research Vehicle 1D (STRV 1D) is owned and operated by
DERA, the British Defence Evaluation and Research Agency, but NASA, the U.S.
Department of Defense Ballistic Missile Defense Organization, the U.S. Air
Force and DERA contributed to the program in some form.

"It may sound strange, but we're actually hoping electronic components will
fail," said Donna Hardage, the project manager of the NASA components on
STRV 1D. "That's the best way we can accurately know their limits."

The irony of the situation is just too striking not to mention it here. :-)

73 de Jeff, N9AVG

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