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Re: Preamp bypass circuit

Even worse is the IC821.  It has a big "transmit" button on
the front panel, right next to the power switch.  It is easy to hit
by accident, and there is no way to disable it (without wire clippers
or a soldering iron).


At 07:26 PM 2/15/01 , Doug Faunt N6TQS +1-510-655-8604 wrote:
>This whole discussion is interesting.  I'd like to throw out my idea
>for a facility that would make a lot of this simpler (I think).
>Transceivers should have a "TX inhibit" input, so if it's held low, no
>TX would take place.  I have 4 separate inputs on some of my rigs, any
>of which can cause transmission.  Even in standard HF operation, being
>able to leave the rig on in RX mode, and not worry about inadvertent
>transmissions would be useful.
>73, doug

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