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Drake progress summery?

Greets folks,

I've been in the process of building my satellite stack at home as money
allows (read: slowly but steadily) and I'd very much like to add 2.4GHz
capability to work with AO-40 (telemetry now, of course). I've been
following the information with the Drake converter (especially the recent
traffic about the mods) as much as possible, although I've certainly missed
some information. 

Would someone out there mind sending me a summary about the unit's
availablilty and cost? I'm pretty sure I would like to acquire one, but I'm
honestly not even sure where to even start looking. Also, are there any
kinks to using the units? I see that several people, at least are running
stock converters with 120 MHz receivers. 

I'm fairly new to the list, so I've probably missed the past traffic
containing this information. Anything received will be appreciated! 

Chris // N8DVM 
Satellite Operator for W8SH

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