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Re: Preamp bypass circuit

I'm thinking... (dangerous)...

My FT-736 has a DIN plug that can be used to externally switch brick 
amplifiers - separate pin for each band I think.  Much nicer than using RF 
sense, although it's one more cable to build and run.

Suppose the 2m trigger pin was used to activate a relay that switched the 
RF juice away from my modified Drake downconverter (into a dummy 
load)?  (Call it the "oh shoot" avoidance circuit.)  Would the relay be 
able to switch out faster than the RF output power was able to come up to a 
level dangerous to the downconverter?  I'm thinking probably not, but I 
don't know.

A sequencer would be nice, but won't a typical one triggered off the mic's 
PTT cause the downconverter to be switched out of my 2m receive, even when 
I'm transmitting on 70cm?  I won't be able to hear my downlink.

Any other better ideas along this line?

David, ky0dr

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