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Re: Drake convert , try this

Don DeGregori wrote:
> Doug
> Neat idea using circuit pen. Gave up on the copper clad steel of RG6U. Went to real
> #18 copper. Much easier to cut and form.
> Test equipment: What do you use, or what should I look for at 2400? I know this
> thread can open a can of worms.

Well , I had to think about this one because I did it 3 years ago when I got the
units , at first I thought I used our tracking generator but then realized that
wasn't so , what I used was an old HP sig generator and a tektronix 492 spectrum
analyzer ( we don't have a big budget at our shop  ) and did a manual plot of
the gain over a desired passband and then made the changes and replotted and
back and forth , and this was very unscientific , I just monitored the IF output
and generated the 2.4 Ghz sig on the antenna input , and overall it seems to
have worked for me , though I have only tested with terrestrial sig sources so
don't know how it will work for sat use yet .....


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