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RE: AO-40 NORAD Keps Set #35

Hi James,

No you are not doing anything wrong, ... its just that email programs can be
too clever for their own good, ... they tend to remove multiple spaces, ...
which in a TLE set can be damaging, ... 

... what I do is keep a file of "good" tles, and paste in any new ones I get
from email. Then using a text editor like wordpad (in text mode), I align
the parts of the new tle to match those in the old one.... as long as you
have the everything in line then it can be read by the tracking programs,

I sent the tle in a text only form, .. i.e. no formatting, ... but its
obvious that it didn't go through un-re-formatted, ... the only way to send
in pure form would be as a file attachment, .. but the BB doesn't allow
those for good reason.

So try the above, with practice you'll find that correcting an email tle
only takes about 45 seconds at most! Just make up a template and shift the
characters around!

Paul, VP9MU

p.s. the latest kep files are in the latest AO-40 telem zip files in the
telem archive on amsat.org! .... updated daily!


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Subject: Re: [amsat-bb] AO-40 NORAD Keps Set #35

Hello Paul !

I think my "weak" area with this nice program now is correctly
loading/updating the keps.  On this email msg that you just sent, I
first "saved" the entire email file, within the IT folder, and called it

When I try to update these keps in IT, I get the following msgs:

		AO-40  wrong line length
		AO-40  wrong line length
		ao-40  wrong line length

Can you make a guess as to what I am doing wrong ??  I have always
assumed that I can "save" an entire email msg that "contains" keps, and
that I don't have to weed out the non-keps info.  I believe that IT
looks for kep elements and reads them when and where it finds them.

I have labored over the help files, and don't find an answer as to what
I am doing wrong.  I bet it is something simple. 

Tks in advance for any tips Paul.

73 de Jim K4PYT
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