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It has been pointed out to me that some E-mail programs do not display the 
subject at the top of the message, so I'm sending my message again with my 
name and call at the end.  Sorry for the inconvenience.

Allen N5AFV

>I received VUCC certificate #98 today from the ARRL.  It was dated January 
>26, 2001, and was mailed from Newington on February 8, 2001.  I received 
>the endorsement history on February 5, 2001, but no certificate or lapel 
>pin.  Bruce KK5DO suggested sending an E-mail to the appropriate 
>department at the ARRL to inquire about the certificate, which I did.  I 
>do not know if the certificate I received today was a replacement for one 
>mailed earlier.
>Thank you to those who sent me cards verifying the contacts, those who 
>helped me work some of the rarer grid squares, and those who stood by and 
>let me make some of the contacts.

Allen N5AFV
Houston, Texas

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