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Re: Mode-S Antennas

Dan Carlisle wrote:
> Essentially, its already been done (sort of).  Instead of modifying a
> Drake with a MGA86576 and Toko Dielectric filter, build a converter
> with one it to start with.  Receive converters are simple:
> LNA (MGA86576), Filter (Toko Dielectric), Mixer (Mini-Circuits if you
> wish) and LO.  Ok the Local Oscillator is the hardest part.  You
> could use either a clean low phase noise PLL or crystal multiplier
> chain.

Actually for some reason I feel the hardest part for me is actually drafting and
making the PC board , for at 2.4GHz. fractions of 'mm can have major effects on
desired results ..

So my question is , what is everyone out there who is homebrewing this stuff
doing to get the PC boards masked and etched so that they are actually useable
at GHz. freq's ?

> Several years ago, when I first saw that Digikey started carrying the
> Toko Dielectric Filters for 2450 MHz, I thought ...oooh great for
> making a S band downconverter.  Then I received my Amsat Journal and
> G0MRF had published a design using one!
> You can find a copy of his design on his website at:
> http://www.g0mrf.freeserve.co.uk/sat.htm
> You can even buy the entire kit from him including box for a really good price!
> No, I don't have one...I just though that it was a cool design when I
> first read it in the Amsat Journal.

Yeah ,read about that one too , but I don't feel like dealing with an overseas
transaction ( customs and shipping costs and all :^P ) so I didn't follow
through , though it would have been nice to get a ready made PC board .

Its nice that we are talking about this kinda stuff now , hopefully we can
demistify the GHz. stuff for us "shade tree" microwavers :)

Douglas Cole   N7BFS
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