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Re: ISS Packet

>From: Jon Ogden <na9d@mindspring.com>
>To: Robert Oler <cvn65vf94@msn.com>, <w4epi@mediaone.net>
>CC: <amsat-bb@amsat.org>
>Second, the primary purpose of ARISS is INDEED school contacts.  Most
>definitely, they are the main reason for ham radio being up there.  It's
>both a way for students to experience the magic of radio in a world where
>there's not much of that left and it's also a way to let them experience 
>magic of space.  It is also a great publicity plug for AMSAT, the ARRL and
>ham radio.
>That's why it's up there.

I guess that my point was I dont think much of us (meaning hams) spending 
the money (either private or government money) to put something like ARISS 
onboard for that reason.  The dollars (both private and government) are 
enormous and if the benefit is just a couple of school chats a week etc then 
my guess is that the dollars are not well spent.

What I think would be a better "sell" point with NASA (although they do 
love...the children babble) and would actually fit in with ham radio is some 
sort of technology experiments.

\the problem with "the educcation gig" is that we seem to have been focused 
into that line of thought ie all ham gear has to be "used" either for that 
or to keep the crew happy or the old standby "auxillary communications".  
ISS is (or should be) a technology center and that should be I would suggest 
our avenue of approach there.

Oh well just my opinion.

>Also, I believe the ham radio equipment shares antennas right now with the
>ISS communications system.  Until next month, the ISS will not use the 
>to communicate to earth.  It's all space to ground.  So if they need to 
>official contacts while over North America, I doubt they want to mess 
>with changing antennas and so forth.

Just a note...I dont know if that is correct.  I think that the ham stuff 
uses a antenna that was made redundant by the docking of the service module 
to the FGB. Additionally I would expect the Russian "downlink" to be in use 
even when TDRSS is UP and going.  The Russian downlink is a fig leaf that 
keeps the Russians thinking that they are "equal partners".

I was at the Sonny Carter center the other day on another thing (the 
Weightless training facility) and talked to a sim sup who had some input 
into the EVA thats going to put out the "real" ham antennas.


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