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Re: [aprssig] Re: Time Flashing on Betamax Players

Isn't that why they make Black Electrical Tape?


In a message dated 02/12/2001 10:20:48 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
clayno@nc-cap.org writes:

<< > We're hams people, we're supposed to be ahead of the curve - Then 
 > again, we're unable to set our computer clocks (Sprouls, etc).
 > why do I get the impression of a whole group of hams with 12:00 
 > flashing on their betamax tape players? (kidding)
 Well speak for yourself! :) I had a Sony Betamax in 1984 and when it died
 in 1989 (Hurricane Hugo) I kept the tapes. A friend of mine gave me 2 worn
 out Betamax's two years ago. And you know what? Those old machines STILL
 have better video play back today with worn out heads and 15+ year old 
 tape than my new 2 month old Sony HI-FI VHS I bought to record The
 Sopranos when my old VHS deck died (the one I bought to replace the
 Beatamax)! And yes one of them do flash 12:00 because the timning circut
 is bad and you can't set the time. The other keeps great time!
 Charles Layno
 W4CL >>
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