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Re: ISS Packet

First of all, I think the point was that Shep's time is busy with more
pressing needs of his mission than farting with packet.

Second, the primary purpose of ARISS is INDEED school contacts.  Most
definitely, they are the main reason for ham radio being up there.  It's
both a way for students to experience the magic of radio in a world where
there's not much of that left and it's also a way to let them experience the
magic of space.  It is also a great publicity plug for AMSAT, the ARRL and
ham radio.

That's why it's up there.

Yes, I want to work the astronauts sometime too.  And I likely will.  Keep
in mind that when this station is fully operational, there will be many more
than 3 guys on board.

Also, I believe the ham radio equipment shares antennas right now with the
ISS communications system.  Until next month, the ISS will not use the TDRSS
to communicate to earth.  It's all space to ground.  So if they need to make
official contacts while over North America, I doubt they want to mess around
with changing antennas and so forth.

The ISS will be there for years to come (while it's not what I hoped it
would be, it's not the failure you see it as, Robert).  There will be lots
of opportunity to ping the packet TNC.



on 2/12/01 10:17 PM, Robert Oler at cvn65vf94@msn.com wrote:

> you got to wonder if the "use" of the ham gear there is going to be simply
> prearranged school contacts EXACTLY what the value of having the gear on the
> station is?
> Now I know taht this varies from strow to strow and cosmo to cosmo and
> doubtless we are helping our "youth" to grow up wonderful but in the end
> well if the end result is school contacts and "family" contacts then why is
> it there?

Jon Ogden
NA9D (ex: KE9NA)



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