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AO-40 Telemetry Required - Orbit 131

Hi All,

If you captured telemetry for orbit 131 today (Feb 11, 2001), please could
you zip it and send a copy to ao40-archive@amsat.org

A number of stations have sent in telemetry for this pass, but to date none
of it has been CRCC OK, ... so for the first time since control was regained
of the spacecraft in December, this may be an unrecorded pass in the
archive, ...

We always appreciate receiving ANY telemetry captured from AO-40. If you
have any telemetry captured for ANY pass, that you have not already sent in
to the archive, please do so. Historical data is just as important as
current data, ... so before you wipe the files to recover disc space please
zip and send them in!!!!

The merged telemetry archive is updated daily on the AMSAT web site for all
to access.

Many Thanks
Paul, VP9MU
AO40 Telemetry Archive

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