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Re: ICM HC-49/Short Case- Does it or Doesn't it fit inside the 2880 ?

Brian - when you ordered your crystal from ICM- did you take care to specify
that you wanted the HC-49 /short case ? - for I was under the impression
that ICM HC-49 Short Case crystal holder would fit into the Drake 2880
without requiring any of the 30 degree bending that you describe below ?
What part # came with your crystal ? Was it Part# 540288 HC-18T Cold Weld
Holder HC-49U  or something else? Many of us on the Amsat BB recently
ordered our crystals in the last week or two- and hopefully the short case
HC-49 should fit within the Drake 2880- or otherwise we need to change
thecrystal holder.

Please respond back ASAP.

Many Thanks,
Jim, N6MV

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Sent: Saturday, February 10, 2001 6:25 PM
Subject: [amsat-bb] Drake 2880 mod (XTAL)

> Hi all,
> I got home late last night to find a box from ICM frozen to my porch,
> so I had to come in tonight and mod up my new Drake.  It looks like
> the surgery was successful, but I have one thing I really want to share.
> The ICM crystal looked taller than the one it replaced, so I compounded
> the situation by putting it on with a bit of room to bend it over.
> I had to bend it about 30 degrees to get the lid on.  It really didn't
> like to be touching the lid, so I put kapton tape over the top.
> As I was tighting the lid I came to a point where the output would
> jump almost 100 KHz (KC).  I noticed that the crystal case was touching
> one of the chip caps, so with some tweezers I snuck a bit of kapton
> tape down there as well.  It all seems to be working, but I am curious
> if anyone else has tried putting in an ICM crystal, and if you have
> had problems.
> My other observation, and this is probably a newbie question, is that
> the hardest problem I had was getting that F connector un-soldered.
> I worked on it with alot of solderwick and what I thought was patience,
> but when I turned the nut-shaped-thing a piece of trace went with the
> center conducter!  All the instructions start with the board out on the
> bench ;)
> So I re-crystaled it.  Took out the red coils and green caps.
> Put 18pf caps on either side of the green coil (all I have is 18 and 27)
> Used clippings from the crystal leads to extend the bandpass filter.
> Tweeked in the LO as best I could, and zipped it all up.  All in one
> setting (two cans of coke).  It was really not that bad.
> Do I need more amplification or am I ready to move on to the antenna?
> 73 de N8NPA Brian
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