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Clarification: Mode S Antenna

In my last posting, I should have been more specific.SPG-36 and Parabolic AB
downconverter with FT-736:

Heard AO-40 with data collection from about MA=6 to last data recorded at
MA=39.  Was able to copy signal ( yellow indicator light on, with ao40rcv03)
until MA=55, at which point I lost the yellow indicator light, but could
still hear the signal.

I did not copy any blocks after MA=39.  Copied 59 of 294 blocks OK.

I would advise anyone who wants to listen seriously, to have some sort of
tuning indicator that indicates the maximum value of the received signal, it
helps greatly.  I am using an old Tono theta 777 communications terminal,
with a bar graph signal strength indicator.  The output is fed to a Heathkit
SB-614 monitor scope.  I watch both the waveform and signal strength on the
bar graph, and tune the signal for max, while the yellow "signal hunting"
indicator is on between the "blue" data recording indicators.  I am
following others advice, in not tuning during data collection as indicated
by the "blue bar graph".

I have only played a little with shift and notch, because right now I am
most concerned with recording data, not experimenting.  I have tried using
an Icom 821H and a Yaesu Ft-847, wit this setup, without noticeable
improvements at this time.

PS:  turn your Drive/ RF output control to Minimum, it might just help if
you bump the wrong control.  Also, disconnect the mike.

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