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RE: Mode-S Antennas

Hello Mark

I re-ran my ever so scientific tests on the following 5 S-band antennas:

15 element yagi Maplin Electronics (UK) www.maplin.co.uk Yagi 2.4GHz antenna
cat # DS30H
20 turn LHCP Helix homebrew based on K5OE, G6LVB mods
20 turn RHCP Helix homebrew based on K5OE, G6LVB mods
20 turn RHCP Helix Sandpiper Communications (UK) no web presence
30 turn RHCP Helix Wimo www.wimo.com Helix 13-2 cat # 18029

S band source is the fifth harmonic of a derestricted IC-T81 running low
power (300mW or so) at 480MHz into a dummy load at one end of my hallway.

Detector is AR-5000 and SDU-5500 at the other end of the hallway about 20'

Using the SDU-5500 marker, and moving the antennas about, I attempted to
maximise the reading. Here's the results, in ascending order...

-80dbm 20 turn RHCP Homebrew
-79dbm 20 turn RHCP Sandpiper
-77dbm 20 turn LHCP Homebrew
-77dbm 15 element Yagi
-73dbm 30 turn RHCP Wimo

I ran the tests twice and took the better of the two readings (not much
difference between the two readings in the end).

The Wimo antenna is 4dB ahead of any other antenna, and is therefore
declared the winner.

As I'm all thumbs too, I probably haven't given the K5OE antennas a fair
crack - my appalling results of home built antennas is the subject of
several landfills.

73 Howard G6LVB

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