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Re: Mode-S Antennas

"Mark D. Fossum" wrote:

> Well now that so many of us have our Drake 2880 downconverters and our
> crystals are on the way, I'm interested to know how everyone plans to
> get a signal to it. What is the consensus for a good 2.4ghz antenna?
> Helix, dish, yagi?

I myself was thinking about something along the lines of Jerry K5OE's helix to
start with. I figure by the time I get the various mods done and the antenna
built and tested Oscar 40 won't be so much of a weak-signal experiment. If the
helix doesn't have a strong enough signal then it's time for "Plan B". Whatever
*that* may be :-)

  73 de Maggie K3XS

...and from the "The Past Is Prologue" department:

"...I want to make a case for abandoning 145 MHz Phase III
satellite downlinks...S-band in practice is far simpler, cheaper and far
more efficient than 145 MHz...We don't have to repeat the mistake with P3D. 
Cranking up the 145 MHz downlink power is no solution.  It's a short term
delusory crutch that will simply hobble us for another decade..."     
                                          --G3RUH, September 1992

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