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Mode-S Antennas

Hi Everyone,

Well now that so many of us have our Drake 2880 downconverters and our
crystals are on the way, I'm interested to know how everyone plans to
get a signal to it. What is the consensus for a good 2.4ghz antenna?
Helix, dish, yagi? 

Personally, I'd like to find another Conifer Dish like Myers used to
sell. I had one but it got mangled due to the effects of sudden
deceleration. Prices became way out-of-line (my opinion) when Andrews
bought the company so I'm looking for an alternative. Homebrewing isn't
an option for me, I'm all thumbs and my last project made the mangled
Conifer look like a masterpiece. 

Are there any good commercial antennas that I should consider? It would
be kinda fun to see if my surgical desoldering efforts in this 2880 are
going to leave it operable. 

Best wishes from the cold north of Minnesota! (-12F this morning) 

Mark Fossum - n0nsv
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