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RE: Re: D68C

Hello Richard

> but the report exchanges must
> only be passed by radio IMHO

Yes 100% agreed.

> As far as list-making is concerned I'm not so sure though. Depends on the
> guys at the hot end really.

Yes needs some thought. Had I been more successful at operating the radio,
pointing the antenna and trying to hold a QSO at the same time, I'm sure the
other unused 95% of my brain power could have been used to great effect on
IRC ;-). I should have specified the folks to fire off in order during the
fades. Always easier to be wise after the event. We all learn.

> One factor though is their internet connectivity from there - if its good
> (and their computer comms work with all that rf flying around), and if
> can get the IRC working in the shack, then they may try it ... will
> it to them.

As you say, any connectivity such as this directly at there site may be
unavailable, let alone a 24x7 connection. Either way, cost may well be
prohibitive. Add to that they probably have plenty on their minds already of

One other thought... I think the bit that's not quite cricket is that with
DX clusters you're using ham radio all the way to perform the communication.
If I need to use the Internet to aid the communication in this way, I have
this feeling in the back of my mind that I'm selling out in some way.

Just my thoughts.

BTW I think if anyone had told me six months ago that I'd successfully
operate AO-10 EU-US portable with an Arrow & 50W I'd have said they were off
their rocker. I learnt.

73 Howard G6LVB

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