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Re: Keps on BBS


Thanks for the url for the bbs page. I printed it out and will send it to

I don't know how stubborn he is, don't know him personally. However, he
tells me about some of his activities in the past, and I can tell he has
been around a LONG time (i.e.: he is older....). My Dad (age 95 and a ham)
has trouble learning new things, and I got that idea from this guys letter.
So, we will try to help him be happy. I will also be suggesting one of the
free Internet services as well.

Thanks for your help (and everyone else that answered as well).

Gene Harlan - WB9MMM
Harlan Technologies - publisher of
OSCAR Satellite Report - OSR@hampubs.com
Amateur Television Quarterly - ATVQ@hampubs.com

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> At 04:54 PM 2/8/2001 -0600, Gene Harlan wrote:
> >I have one of my readers just getting back into satellites, and
> >he is not on the Internet.
> And he's too stubborn to sign up for one of the free Internet services?
> >So, the question is - Is there any BBS's any more that would have the
> >so this fine gentleman won't have to type everything in each time?
> There's a list at http://www.amsat.org/amsat/bbstable.html. Probably at
> one of those systems is still up.
> 73  -Paul
> kb5mu@amsat.org

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