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Re: Re: true North or true South

Yes, using sunrise, sunset works equally well when Polaris or the Southern
Cross is not visible----equally well in Northern or Southern hemispheres!
It doesn't matter whether the upper or lower limb, center or civil
times is used just as long as the same two parameters are used and local
noon is calculated by dividing sunup by two.  Cliff K7RR

On Fri, 9 Feb 2001, Robert P. Loranger wrote:

> Many GPS unit can give you the sunrise and sunset time for a given
> location. Would it be OK to use the mid point between sunrise and sunset
> time as true south for the sun?
> Polaris is a good indicator of fairly precise true north but
> unfortunately for city dwellers like me, it is seldom visible. At the
> country location, it is another story, polaris is always there to
> help....well at night anyway under clear sky.
> 73s,
> 	Bob   VE2AXO

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