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Satellite nets [was: Re: D68C]

Bruce Paige wrote:

> where it could benefit us. is if someone took a list (just like the 247 dx group
> and the butterfly net). they would then ask each of the guys/gals what is the
> latest they could work the dx station ... the irc control could then tell each 
> person to go in turn... this sure could maximize contacts on a rare dx station. 
> also, this is not a contest...

All good points. I'm only one KH7 contact away from WAS 40m SSB because of the
3905 Century Club 40m net. And 40m sideband is like a *war-zone* during EU
shortwave broadcast time. 

We could maximize the use of a limited resouce (mutual footprint time for the DX
station and the other folks) by having some kind of NCS--an idea that's come up
before for the FM birds, but doesn't sound practical if, to borrow a metaphor
from the telephony world, "the supervision has to be done in-band".

When the channel is noisy to begin with, you don't need the added overhead of
supervisory trffic, which, come to think of it, is what DX stations do for
themselves on HF DX: 

"<rareDXcall> QRZ?" 
<pile of responses, DX op picks one he can hear> 
"station ending in delta x-ray, go"

On HF DX that's doable, because the participating stations can hear each other
pretty reliably. *Not* the case on the birds, especially AO-10.

 73 de Maggie K3XS

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