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APRStk Rotator Control ver K21

I just posted a new ASTK-EXE.ZIP which contains APRStk.exe and supporting
files which are now capable of driving the Radio SHack Archerotor from 2
pins on the parallel port.  THis version now includes the auto-re-sync to
south when ever it finds itself near by and with nothing else to do...

This is not an attempt at an OSCAR class station, but a simple way to use
a cheap rotator and small UHF beam tilted up at 10 degrees to copy all the
FM LEO birds in view (11 sats, 6 times a day each, 66 passes a day).

It is a DOS program and assumes it is running in a full APRSdos
installation. (APRS848.zip)  Be SURE to read  README\APRStk.TXT

Even without the interface and rotator, the program will plot your beam
pattern on the map so you can watch it work.  Any interface will do as
long as pin 2 causes your rotator to go right and pin 3 causes it to go

Download from ftp://tapr.org/aprssig/dosstuff/APRSdos/astk-exe.zip
UNZIP with PUNZIP -D or WinZIP into your existing APRS(dos) directory.
Those of you that ordered the $20 kit of interface parts, I will mail them
out tonight..

de WB4APR, Bob

> Bob Wrote:
> It uses two LPT output pins to tell the controller to go CW or CCW.
> I bagged up a $20 interface that goes between these pins and the 30VAC
> in the Radio Shack controller, or you can build your own.  Your rotator
> must have a mechanical stop at SOUTH and must rotate at constant RPM. 
> WB4APR, Bob Bruninga
> 115 Old Farm Ct
> Glen Burnie, MD 21060

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