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Re: Re: D68C

Howard Long wrote:

> In future I could see it as a way to increase the number of folks getting a
> chance - maybe even performing a net controller style operation on IRC
> whilst the actual exchanges occur on the bird.
> Of course, I'm sure some might see use of IRC in this way as cheating... any
> comments?

This is definately a discussion that needs to happen

I was on-channel on irc.chatnet.org:#amsat while this was going on. It
was damned useful to me to know that when I was losing the AO-10, everybody
else was too, and that this is what an AO-10-style fade sounds like. This was a
serious aid to my refining my operating technique, even though I didn't manage a
QSO with Howard--or anybody else on that pass, for that matter.

I recall going through sevreal stages as a new ham when I discovered DX packet
clusters. At first blush it seemed like a reasonable application of ham
technology. Then I saw packetcluster-generated big-gun pileups happen, and felt
suitable levels of outrage.

But when you get right down to it...is using any kind of external
liason--instantaneously via the Internet (a very popular way for the
packet-challenged to use DX packet cluster, BTW) all the way down to arranging a
sked though a landline telephone, telegraph or by post, cheating? Where do you
draw a line between the cheaters and the true believers?

I do think in a contesting situation, the rules ought to specify what forms of 
liason are considered cricket. Some contests may properly want to have you do
your own signal-sniffing...it does subtlly discorage being an alligator: ("big
mouth, no ears" for the newbies who haven't heard the expression). 

But when you're refining new tech (or even tech that's just "new to you"),
liason can be an incredible boon, and the difference between "it works" and "it
doesn't work" in the early stages.

I say extra kudos to Howard for managing the Internet contact in portable mode,

   --73 de Maggie K3XS, who just about has her JHamTune software to the point
where it's starting to be a useful signal-sniffing tool with her FT-847, and is
about to tackle the frequency database and logging part. 

At this rate I may have something releasable in alpha form in a month or two.  

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