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RE: Re: D68C


I found IRC very helpful an my recent little jaunt. Of course this was
nothing like the D68C operation! I don't believe I would have made any more
or any less QSOs without IRC, but it sure was nice to know I wasn't on my
own - far from it!

I used a 9600bps GSM cellular connection for IRC without any problem at
all - IRC's really low bandwidth.

Three out of the four exchanges I made were with stations _not_ on IRC. I
must have heard at least two dozen stations.

As the bird was continually fading in and out, I suddenly got QRM on the
designated frequency, and IRC allowed a QSY down 5kc/s to be made during a
fade. Also allowed me to rest the antenna pointing arm during a fade, and
check the satellite bearings again - as soon as AO-10 came out of a fade
someone on the IRC would send a message.

In future I could see it as a way to increase the number of folks getting a
chance - maybe even performing a net controller style operation on IRC
whilst the actual exchanges occur on the bird.

Of course, I'm sure some might see use of IRC in this way as cheating... any

73 Howard G6LVB

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i would recommend also going to our irc...  chatnet.org and joining the
channel #amsat

for specific instructions visit http://www.amsatnet.com/irc.html

let everyone there know. there could be as much as a 30 minute delay to a
post on amsat-bb until all receipents get the message. that would make most
of them miss the contact.


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> They haven't e-mailed anything to me; if they say anything relevent I'll
> repeat it to the -bb. Of course, if anyone hears them, please tell the -bb
> its time to hit AO-10.

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