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Re: Re: RE: Drake 2880 Unit - Rattle

Yoshihiro Imaishi wrote:
> Hello This is Yoshi.
> At 2001/02/09 06:12:20 Margaret Leber (K3XS) wrote:
> > So I don't think they're *all* like that.
>   I do not know that all 2880s are same or not. But all 2880 that I
> and my friends in Japan bought from Millicom, had a 2 small metal
> loose parts inside of the waterploof case - just upside of the
> RF-IF shield cover.

The two units that I originally purchased from sctv in SoCal back in '98 had the
plastic/metalized shield in place and at that time it was decided that it was
not necessary to keep it in there after doing the IF and hairpin mods and I
didn't notice any appreciable difference with a tracking generator at work
though my setup to test it was crude ,but it had no effect on gain , though it
may be to isloate the unit from radiating its own lo , but if you see most
pictures that show any mod's show the shield out ......

my two pennies worth 

now if I could just get my antenna up high enough and aimed so I could be lucky
enough to hear AO-40 :^P   ( no rotor up to point with yet )

Douglas Cole   N7BFS
AMSAT#26182 , K2 # 544
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"never go to bed angry , or on fire "
Gomez : the Addams Family.....
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