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RE: Drake 2880 Unit - Rattle


I honestly haven't taken one apart yet so I'm not familiar with the parts
you described. I'll pull mine apart tonight when I'm home. If something is
totally wrong with it I'll be happy to trade with you.


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Subject: Drake 2880 Unit - Rattle

Mark -

Received Drake 2880 a couple of days ago.  Noticed a "rattle" with the unit.

Opened it up and found the aluminum shield in place (screwed in place) over
the input and output stages,

BUT found 2 pieces of alumunium loose.  One is solid square ( 1" x 3/4" )
and the other piece of
metal is the same size and the shield ... but with one hole ( 3/16") and
four smaller holes (less than 1/16").

Best guess ?

Unit also had the noise figure measurements at target ( 2.5 GHz)
frequencies.  This one around 2.7 dB

G. Beat

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